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17 juni 2021 12:50 av Sugar Balance Herbal Supplement

Sugar Balance Herbal Supplement

The Pitta dosha controls the liver with the element of fire being the principal component. When the Pitta dosha in the liver becomes imbalanced, many issues such as skin irritations, infection or surplus acidity can result. Scientific studies have proven the liver to be vital for the proper processing of digested foods into a more effective form. Similarly, Ayurveda contains the enzymes needed for digesting the five elements contained in foods.

17 juni 2021 12:23 av Atomic Shred


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16 juni 2021 12:05 av qzk coin

qzk coin

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16 juni 2021 10:02 av aegeqr nally


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15 juni 2021 12:50 av PX7 Primal Flow


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15 juni 2021 10:11 av NM

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